* The real answer is it depends. The dissociative identity disorder that is the political (and social) situation of Puerto Rico is such that this simple question can't be answered with a straight yes/no answer.

Yes - if you consider...No - if you consider...
Puertorricans are U.S.A. citizens by birth, fight in the armed forces, and pay social security. Puertorricans (born on the island), although U.S.A. Citizens, can't run for president (because we were not born in the states)
Puertorricans (that live on the island) vote in the Presidential primaries. Both parties have primaries in Puerto Rico. Puertorricans (that live on the island) cannot vote in the Presidential elections.
The currency used in Puerto Rico is the U.S.A. Dollar. Puertorricans (that live on the island) don't pay federal U.S.A. taxes.
US Postal system delivers to Puerto Rico just like they do to any other part of the U.S.A. When shipping to Puerto Rico via Fed Ex or UPS, they often require international shipping papers.
The phone system used in Puerto Rico is part of the same U.S.A. system, area code is 787. The phone plans offered by U.S.A. companies (AT&T, Verizon, etc.) are different. Sprint even classifies calls to Puerto Rico from the U.S.A. as "international."
No passport is needed for traveling between Puerto Rico and the U.S.A. Come and enjoy our hospitality. If you call some airlines (United, for example), Puerto Rico is an "international" destination.

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